Happy Birthday!

by amiable

swiss bday cakeIt was recently my birthday and to celebrate, I bought myself a hazelnut sponge cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate shavings. I’ve learned from past mistakes that while I can eat a whole cake, I really shouldn’t eat a whole cake so I shared it with my co-workers who raved about it as well

This cake is so good that I started eating it before I could shoot it, hence the bite marks in the photo. Even though I didn’t eat the whole thing, I had seconds, and thirds and each time scraped the plate clean. The photo doesn’t really do it justice — you can’t see the flecks of hazelnut and in my haste I scattered the chocolate shavings all over the place.

I’ve been eating the same cake pretty much every year since I was two years old. There are photos of me in a little red and white dress eating this cake; photos of me in pigtails eating it and photos of me crying because one of my sisters tried to eat one of the roses. For 30-something years I’ve eaten this cake for my birthday and I plan on eating it every year for the next 70 years as well.

The cake is from the Swiss Haus Bakery on 19th Street in Philadelphia. While the bakery is under new management, the cake still tastes the same. It’s rich without being overly cloying and the taste is immensely satisfying. The hazelnut layers are delicate yet sturdy enough to support the thick buttercream. The pink buttercream roses are perfectly piped and the dark chocolate shavings add an incredible contrast to the hazelnut cake and sweet frosting. If you call ahead, they’ll write a birthday message on the cake in green or red gel.

I can’t say enough good things about this cake. It’s awesome. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life and not get fat, it would be this cake.

Overall, I hate my birthday. I get sad, I cry and mope around. I’m just not good at celebrating it. But, there is one bright spot: The Hazelnut cake from the Swiss Bakery insures that at least part of my birthday will always be sweet.

For more information on the bakery go to: http://www.swisshausbakery.com/index.html

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